Your Town, Your Website

All About Town was set up in 2007 to put local people in touch with local businesses and vice versa.

Having worked in publishing and website development for many years, the founders of All About Town had been approached by many local businesses looking to make the most of their limited advertising budgets. The question was always the same: 'How can I promote my business to the local community without wasting my time and money on irrelevant enquiries from miles away?'. Having heard the desire to target local people from businesses, we conducted extensive research in town centres to find out the needs of the consumer, and their response was universal - local people would much rather use the services of a local business, giving them peace of mind and accountability. According to statistics, 40% of all internet searches worldwide are for local services.

After all of the research and further investigation into how people look for a service, the result was the first All About Town website - All About Horley.

All About Horley was a phenomenal success straight away. Businesses advertising on the website saw a dramatic increase in enquiries and custom and we received numerous e-mails from consumers congratulating us on providing such a unique and targeted service for the local community.

It was obvious from the start that we had a hit on our hands and very soon afterwards, All About Reigate and All About Redhill were created and providing an invaluable service for their respective communities. In order to ensure that the three existing websites were providing the best service, we focused on them for two years and then progressed with our expansion plans by launching All About Dorking and then All About Crawley. All About Oxted and All About East Grinstead were next and most recently All About Horsham, All About Leatherhead and now All About Guildford. Our aim is to provide this much needed service to every town in the South East.

All of our websites receive extensive marketing to ensure that they are well known in the communities they serve - rather than having to search through irrelevant and infuriating websites pretending to offer them their desired result, local people know that they can find exactly what they want quickly and easily through their specific All About Town website. For more information on our marketing programme, please CLICK HERE.

The cost to advertise to your target audience on an All About Town website is a fraction of the cost you will pay to ineffectively advertise to your potential audience via other media sources. To view our advertisement rates, please CLICK HERE.

Please use the navigation bar on the left to visit the All About Town website that you are most interested in. You will be taken to the page relating to your chosen website and from there you can go directly to the All About Town website of your choice.

We hope that you find this corporate site useful and, more importantly, the All About website that applies to you. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments, please CONTACT US and we will respond to you immediately.

Our current live sites are All About Crawley, All About Dorking, All About Horley, All About Reigate, All About Redhill, All About East Grinstead, All About Horsham, All About Leatherhead, All About Guildford and All About Oxted. There are lots more to come in the coming months and years and we hope that we will continue to serve our communities for a long time.